Berglind Rós Magnúsdóttir

Social Justice in Education...

Currently, my research focus is on social justice in education and on power relations in parental, friendship, and romantic perspectives. The main theoretical focus is critical (Bourdieu, Brantlinger, Reay, hooks), post-structural (Foucault, Ball, Francis) and feminist (Walkerdine, Skeggs, Jónasdóttir, Illouz) to among other things explore the impact of scopic capitalism and marketization on the education system and the economy of care. The identity formation through life-changing choices as of education and relations are examined with intersectional approach (social class, gender, ethnicity, (dis)ability, race). Social class and its impact on education is an under-researched topic in Iceland and has been on my agenda since I started my academic career.

I am a member of several multinational research groups as MAPS, I-PIC, POL-NET, and DYNO and leading several research projects as PAPIS and I-PIC.

Welcome to my page

Here you will find various information about my career, publications and research projects in which I participate. There are also videos and interviews with me (in Icelandic) regarding my work under Media.